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What Is SEOProfiler?
It is basically an all in one web based SEO tool. SEO Profiler has many different modules that can show you what is currently wrong with your website that is stopping you from getting top rankings. It will also show you how to out rank competing websites and also create PDF reports that you can put your own branding on for commercial use. The biggest difference between this tool and other similar SEO tools is that SEO Profiler is a top class tool that gives you really valuable SEO information at a much lower price tag.

The Top 3 Benefits
As there are so many different things you can do with this tool I will show you my top three to give you a taste of what you can do.

1. Create Your Own SEO Reports
If you have ever used SEO software in the past then you will know that it used to be very costly. I first paid over $200 to be able to get full SEO reports which you can now get instantly at a fraction of the price. You just type in your target keyword and the website you want to improve and it will give you a full 30 page PDF of everything you need to do to get it on Page 1.  This is exactly how I first learned SEO in a very short amount of time. Extremely valuable. Below is a screen shot of the first page of a report.SEOProfiler Review

2. Reverse Engineer Your Competition – How To Quickly Uncover Their Best Keywords
This section is really cool. You can instantly see exactly where your competitors are getting there links from and what are their best keywords in an easy to read color pie chart. You can then begin getting their best links so that you can start out ranking them. You can also see your competitors best PPC keywords they are ranking for and what Ads they are using. You can even see exactly how many social media links they have.SEOProfiler

3. Social Media Checker
With the recent Google updates it is now very important to get people sharing your content. The social media checker will show you exactly how many times people have Tweeted, Facebook and Google Plused the content on that website. You can also find out how many social signals your own website has.