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ClickTale takes the guess work out of website optimization, conversion analysis and usability research. Knowing how visitors use your website will enable you better target specific audiences, improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion.

Use ClickTale to analyze the performance of your online forms, keep visitors engaged in page content, and lead them through the conversion process.

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Why choose ClickTale?

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Most robust feature set in the market

With dozens of unique features, ClickTale offers an all-round optimization suite that combines video recordings and visual heatmaps. You can aggregate hundreds of thousands of visitors browsing sessions or zoom in on individual visitor.

Quick and easy setup

Our simple setup takes less than 5 minutes. Simply copy and paste a tiny piece of javascript code onto your site and you’re up and running. You can start making massive improvements to your website by the end of the day.

Real-Time reporting

Make critical improvements on the fly by watching customers fall out or complete vital website processes as they happen. You can test changes to your website as you make them, without having to wait days or weeks for the results.

Proven results

With over 70,000 happy customers all around the world, ClickTale is recording millions of visitors everyday on the world’s largest website and smallest blogs. But why take our word for it?

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